REVIEW - Crazy Little Man Called Love - Book 4 in the Apashipa Creek Chronicles by Rain Carrington


Book Title - Crazy Little Man Called Love - Book 4 in the Apashipa Creek Chronicles
Author - Rain Carrington
Publisher - AAS Publishing

Running to America to lick the wounds of a broken relationship, Sidney Haxby still could not find the Dom he desired. Set to go back to London, he decides to stay a few more days, taking in the solitude and beauty of Apishipa Creek to spend a few days with his father, big bad Dom Lin.

When Brandon Love crashes a dinner party and offers to take Sidney home, they get snowed in for days, forced to confront the feelings they had for each other each time they met at the BDSM club, Manacle. Seeing in each other what they’d always longed for, they want to begin a relationship, putting Sidney where he wanted, on his knees at the feet of the Master he feared he would never have.

A trip to London so Sidney could settle his affairs and past puts him in peril. Can Brandon save Sidney? Will their pasts get in the way of their future together? And what is the mysterious stranger trying to tell them about the house in Apishipa Creek they all live in at one time or another? Find out in Crazy Little Man Called Love…



Carrington started writing when she was just a teenager in Trinidad, Colorado but didn’t start writing M/M romance until much later. Through the years many of her gay male friends told stories of heartache and the struggle to find “the one” so she told them stories, fantasies all about them and their future cowboy, fireman, biker or policeman. When she found a writing site that encouraged her to write them down she started what was an adventure like she never had before.

Her first story, Cabin fever, about a young man searching for love and finding it wrapped in a member of a mafia family gained her readers who cheered for more. She knew then that she had found her place in the world. To make stories of love and kink that not only her readers but she could get lost in as well.

Rain now lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado but has traveled most of the US. Her last road trip to San Francisco gave her characters still coming out…no pun intended…in her newer stories. Rain has severe scoliosis which makes it hard for her to do all the things she used to love but it did give her the time to write that she never had before. She fights for lgbt rights from her home as best she can now and keeps in close contact with her friends that fight on two good legs to point them where they should go. She is a fervent believer that one door never closes without another opening so there are no limits she can’t get past.

Of all the people in the world no one has encouraged and supported her like her friends, many of them writers themselves, and her family. There is never a dull moment in her home where laughter is in the air 24/7 and everyone knows to avoid the computer screen when she sits in front of it. They never know what kind of beautiful man love they may see. Rain calls it research, they call it, “there she goes again!”



I have loved the Apashipa Creek Chronicles since the first page of Rebel Yells. This book is so amazing! I love m/m romance, and Rain does it so well. She takes the world of BDSM and shows that it truly is different for each person. At the same time, there are no apologies for being true to what the characters need to feel safe and loved. The passion her characters show is breathtaking. The characters are so real, they are flawed and so human you find yourself rooting for them from the beginning. This forth book is everything and more than the books before it. The multiple story arcs make you feel like you are viewing their lives for a period of time, not just through the troubles to a conclusion. Each book feels like a season of a show. I loved this one even more because so many things were happening.

Sidney is a 30 something submissive, looking for his perfect Dom. He has been in the lifestyle for a very long time. His mother is a lesbian and his father is a Dom who donated his sperm to his best friend. Sidney never had too much trouble for being gay. He has more trouble with the fact that he is a very tall, very built submissive. His father thinks he is a Dom, and he has never corrected him. He wants to be in a Master/ slave relationship and had tried coming to the U.S. to look, since he hadn't found what he was looking for in England.

Brandon Love is 40 and a Dom. He manages Manacle, the BDSM club that Travis owns after buying it from Sidney's father. He is enamored with Sidney, and can see that Sidney is a true submissive. Brandon had been in two relationships and had been hurt by both so he is a bit gun shy about trying again.

The ""sub club"" doesn't want Sidney to leave. They get him to rent Rebel's house so that he will stay. They try to fix him up with a local Dom, but Sidney can't get Brandon out of his thoughts. With a turn of events and a snow storm, Brandon is snowed in with Sidney for a few days. Sidney is about to lose his mind with the elusive Brandon, and they finally have it out. Master Brandon has some strict rules, and Sidney loves this fact. Sidney wants to worship at his feet 24/7. Brandon insists that he go back to England and find closure with an ex and inform his mother of his plans. Something goes totally wrong. When Brandon has given up on Sidney, the subs convince him to go and find out. Lin is on the plane and they have it out. But the nightmare that they face will bring them closer together. If they can save Sidney. Binx's two Doms are at a crisis as well. When Nathan loses his first patient, the nightmares from his own past threaten to destroy them all. Binx may get punished a lot, but he is instrumental in every positive thing that happens in Apashipa Creek and the guys he cares about. When all the subs are in punishment for the things they did for Brandon and Sidney, desires of a new kind come to light. All of the couples and the threesome have a whole new idea to kick around and the choices made are as different as the men.

Can Brandon save Sidney before it is too late? Can Nathan find the peace and closure he needs? What will happen in all of their lives? Are the relationships strong enough to get through this latest wave of trouble and danger? Will Brandon be able to be the Dom Sidney needs after everything they go through? And what about the latest clues to the next possible relationship? Will the two men be able to set aside their fears to even begin? These questions are all dealt with in this riveting installment in our favorite little part of Colorado, along with so much more! I loved seeing the changes to our favorite guys and their relationships. Some are stronger, some are not, but they are all wonderful characters that get under your skin and tug at your heart. Each of them trying to find the love and acceptance that they each need. I also love that these characters will go to any length to protect their friends and family. We could all wish to be as loved as they are. Grab this book. It will take you on one heck of a journey!"


Heidi gives Crazy Little Man Called Love - Book 4 in the Apashipa Creek Chronicles

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