REVIEW - Faking it by Lydia Michaels


Book Title - Faking it
Author - Lydia Michaels
Publisher - Secret Cravings Publishing

Sheilagh McCullough has been faking it her entire life. When she’s given an ultimatum by her overbearing brothers, she’s forced to face sides of herself she’d rather leave in the dark. Her confidence falters when she meets a professor intent on challenging her. Sheilagh’s fiery attitude can only abide the man’s arrogance for so long, before her actions draw the attention of her territorial family and she must make a stand.

Dr. Alec Devereux is enchanted by his new student. Her transcripts attest to her genius, yet she seems paralyzed by parts of her past. Toeing the blurred line of ethics, Sheilagh proves a temptation he can’t refuse. Secret past relationships collide with present affairs and passion erupts, as Sheilagh’s happiness becomes a promise no ordinary man can deliver. Alec knows what he wants, but nothing can prepare him for facing the McCullough Clan.

A courageous journey of the soul that confronts one woman’s fears of love and embraces the truth in her heart.



Award winning author, Lydia Michaels, writes all forms of hot romance. She presses the bounds of love and surprises readers just when they assume they have her stories figured out. From Amish vampires, to wild Irishmen, to broken heroes, and heroines no man can match, Lydia takes readers on an emotional journey of the heart, mind, and soul with every story she pens. Her books are intellectual, erotic, haunting, always centered on love.Lydia Michaels loves to hear from readers! She can be found of Facebook or contacted by email at



This series of books have all been really very good and can be read as a stand alone. This is Sheilagh story and really is a read, as one of two girls in her large family of 9 she gives as good as she gets, but what she wants is someone to get her, being one of the smart ones she goes to Princeton University however when she try's to 'phone in an assignment' this is where it all starts with her, can she stop faking her way through life or does she continue, that really becomes the question. I would recommend this series to anyone, if you love to read about a large Irish families then definitely try these books.


Connie gives Faking it

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