REVIEW – Don’t Trust the Cut by Kade Boehme

Book Title - Don't Trust the Cut

Author - Kade Boehme

Stars - 4

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Tucker Gray is a Baltimore, MD waiter, hailing from the deep south, whose mental health issues and past relationships have made it hard to trust more than the cut. After he hits what he thought was rock bottom Tucker decides to keep close to the ones who stood by him and keep his head down, until he finds something to prove it can get better.

Jesse Bauer is unsure what his future holds after an injury forces him to retire from the marines. With all of the decisions he has to make in his civilian life with all of its freedoms and possibilities, he feels staying closeted and keeping the people in his life happy will keep down the chaos.

Until the night he met Tucker Gray at a party he thought that’d be possible, but both of them are instantly and strongly in lust. As their relationship grows Jesse has to prove himself and Tucker has to learn to trust more than the cut.



I love books written by Kade Boehme. They have this realness to them. The characters have quirks and faults, they are not perfect. This book is very much along those lines. Their struggles get under your skin, you feel their pain. These characters demand your attention, and I couldn't look away. I loved this book from the beginning, by page 5 I was hooked. It is a very good read, and yes, tears were flowing, darn it. I cannot help that reaction to Kade's characters. They just become like family and you bleed when they do.
Tucker Gray is a very shy, mid-twenties, cute, gay man. He has suffered from abusive relationships and a few mental issues like anxiety, depression, and cutting. He is coming home after a suicide attempt at the start of the book.
Jesse Bauer is thirty, handsome, and hiding so far in the closet, he has had the same girlfriend for six years. He has had to retire from the Marines after suffering a gun shot wound to the shoulder. He is at a tipping point in his life.
Tucker doesn't want to go to a welcome home/birthday party, but his best friend and roommate Allison gets him to go. When he locks eyes with Jesse, he is in trouble. Jesse feels the same thing, but it takes him time to do what is in his heart. Tucker and Jesse's relationship is a tough one. Each of these beautiful souls have a ton of baggage dragging them down. Jesse is struggling with coming out of the closet, and Tucker is struggling with trust issues and a fear of Jesse knowing what he looks like under his shirt. Their journey is filled with land mines, and poor Tucker always fears that if Jesse knew about his past and his injuries, he will leave to find someone undamaged. It rips at your heart, and when Jesse finds out the truth, everything goes haywire. Tucker is so sure that every reaction is a negative about himself, he becomes his own worst enemy. Tragedy strikes, and it's through this part of the adventure that you see what real men are made of. Their love story is so tragic in its missteps, it rips your heart apart. This is a great book, I only wish I could have known more of Tucker's back story. He is an incredible character, and he has a place in my heart


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