REVIEW – Razorblade Kisses by R. L. Griffin

Book Title - Razorblade Kisses

Author - R.L. Griffin

Stars - 5

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Her name is Emery Shaw…Emily Sanders…Emma Simpson...Ericka Smith.
Her family was well off, she ran.
They looked for her, she hid.
They found her, she ran again.
Tragedy strikes, she gets even.

The fact is, she doesn’t know who she is, she tried to run, to hide and make a life for herself, but that backfired. No one knows her except her best friend Rachel, if that’s even an adequate word for what they are to each other. Rachel helps her build a life for herself below the radar, which is fine until the unthinkable happens knocking Em out of her unfeeling cocoon. When her house of cards comes tumbling down she runs again, until the one person who can change her mind finds her.

** Due to adult situations, language and possible scenarios that may be difficult for some readers to take…take a breath before you start this one. It’s gritty and not pretty. Nothing is pretty here. Whiskey is a good thing. **


First, I have to say there was a tiny snafu and I almost missed out on reading this amazing story. Add to that I totally embarrassed myself on a super busy day at work when I received a message and responded to it without reading it thoroughly (something I complain about others doing all the time) *faceplant* But, R.L. Griffin being an amazing person saw past my blunder and I got a copy of Razorblade Kisses :-) *SNOOPY HAPPY DANCE*.

Razorblade Kisses is the amazing journey of Emery Shaw who runs away from a horrible childhood situation. The story follows Emery through her journey to eventually heal and put her past behind her.

Emery has had her youth ripped away from her, the only bright spot in her life is her baby sister. Emery meets Rachel and they become instant best friends and Rachel becomes Emery's lifesaver. Emery pulls together enough strength to do the one thing she does not want to do, but she knows she has no choice if she is to survive, she runs away and leaves her sister behind. But the demons are always with Emery as she starts her road to recovery. Emery meets people who become instrumental in her long road to healing but when the demons reemerge Emery must once again start over and it breaks her even further. When the ultimate final straw comes to break Emery's back this book explodes and I was completely thrown for a loop at what transpires, and then once again Emery is on the run but this time she's making sure its for good and that no one else will ever be affected by her demons.

**Disclaimer** Razoblade Kisses contains adult situations, language and serious difficult scenarios that may not be suitable or comfortable for some readers.**

Heed the warning above, if you cannot handle abusive scenarios (NOT overly graphic, but enough so you understand completely) then this book is not for you, its an emotional rollercoaster ride about a girl and her journey to overcome all the horrors that life throws at her and to become the amazing woman that she turns into.

If you can handle the above warning then I suggest you put this book on your MUST READ list of 2015.

Drue gives Razorblade Kisses

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