REVIEW–Shadow’s Past by Laken Cane

Book Title - Shadow's Past
Author - Laken Cane
Stars - 5
Buy Link – AMAZON

Shadows Past, book 5.5 of the Rune Alexander series. A Rune Alexander SHORT story. Glimpse a night in Shiv Crew's past before the twins and Lex entered the picture, before Owen got under Rune's skin, and before the berserker gave her his heart. This is a short story of the original Shiv Crew

This was a fun, short read that brings the original group back together. It is a very quick read,which, if you have read the 5 books in the series, will surprise you. It is touted as book 5.5, but it is more a prequel to the series and can be read at anytime. In this short, we get to tag along with Rune, Raze, Jack, and Z as they go through a Christmas Eve. They start out finding a skinny boy being attacked by wererats, and as well you know, nothing in the Shiv Crew's world is ever as it seems. This small, frail boy is deadly dangerous and attacks Ellis, sending our favorite sweetheart to the hospital, but not before he reveals some scary info. We are also rewarded with a look at Rune and Gunner at the beginning of their friendship, and at the berzerker before he became a part of Rune's life. And any chance to see more of Z is a blessing. If you are already a big fan, this book will take you down memory lane. If you are new to the series, this will give you a peek at a time right before the Shiv Crew universe gets blown wide open. Of course now I am itching for book 6, as this has inspired me to reread the whole series now that I have gotten a tiny taste of the magic.
Heidi gives Shadow's Past

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