REVIEW – Rekindled Heat by L M LeFerrur

Book Title - Rekindled Heat

Author - L M LeFerrur

Stars - 5

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She had loved and lost…and gained.

Drea Tate had loved once. One night shattered her world. Left alone and pregnant, Drea moved to Second Chance, Pennsylvania and began a new life for her and her son.

Bail Enforcement Agent Micah Bridges lands the opportunity to score some quick money catching a bail jumper in a sleepy town in Pennsylvania. Little did he know that he’d find the woman he’d loved…and a son he didn’t know had existed.


This is book two from  the series and I haven't read book one but it didn't really make any difference to me because I wasn't lost or confused in any way all the way through the book. I enjoyed reading this book very much. I love stories that are about love and lost love and possible happy endings.

Micah Bridges was a wolf shifter in love with Drea Tate who was a fae and that was not allowed. They had to sneak around to see each other and if they got caught it would not end well.  The last time they seen each other, neither expected it to be the last time but when Drea left, Micah was attacked and left for dead.

This had twists and turns that made the story even more interesting. Micah thrown into the river to drown and die while Drea was told he was dead. So Drea went on with her life without ever knowing if he really was killed. She had a reminder of him, their son.  Watching how their love stood the test of time was sweet and romantic. What I didn't see coming was the end but it was a different way to end things.

I am going to try and read this series because I truly loved this book and the way the author wrote. Everything flowed easily and I couldn't wait to turn to the next page to find out what was going to happen. If you want a book with a twist you never expected, this one is for you!

Barb gives Rekindled Heat

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