REVIEW–Possession by K.M. Scott

Book Title - Possession

Author - K.M. Scott

Stars - 5

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Kane Jackson, the ruler of the fantasy section of Club X, has always been different from his brothers. The bastard son of Cassian March III, he grew up without the money and privilege Cassian and Stefan enjoyed from the March name, instead only knowing his father as the man who abandoned him and seeing himself as unloved and unwanted. He let love in once and like everything else in his life, all that came from it was pain. His heart hidden behind the walls he's built since then, Kane is now just the dark figure who rules over the fantasies of others but has none himself.

Abbi Linde can't seem to get a break. Too many bad men and bad choices have left her bruised and broken, but the opportunity to dance at Club X could change everything. For the first time, she might be able to make a life for herself and find the happiness she longs for. After what feels like a lifetime of heartbreak, Abbi still believes one day her dreams will come true and she'll find the love that's eluded her.

Even the darkest heart craves the light, but will the darkness be too much for love to overcome with these two souls?

K.M. Scott this book was MIND BLOWING!!!! I loved this book and this series!! I couldn't wait for Kane's story and this book! This book is written as Kane and Abbi's POV, it banters back and forth. I get the reference to Kane-bad and Abbi(Abel) good.I hope in book 4 Satisfaction, they both get therapy so they can have the HEA!! This book was full of emotion, Kane's demons and emotional abuse he suffered from his mother and never knowing his father and half brothers growing up. He father passes away while Kane is in jail, and the only way he inherits is to work with his brothers(thus ensuring they get to know each other). Abbi's attraction to men that abuse her physically and emotionally until she meets Kane. Kane has no problem hurting or killing to protect those he loves. Together they nurture each others strengths and weaknesses, making them better and stronger together, until outside influences interfere, Kane has no problem hurting or killing to protect those he loves.I didn't like the ending but I understand the author's reasoning for it, the story is not over so I will await the next book and hope for my HEA, also not fond of cliffhangers!!! I saw negative review about this book so don't agree with them!!!

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