REVIEW–Untwisted by Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott

Book Title - Untwisted
Stars - 5
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Falling in love was easy…figuring out the rhythm of being a couple, not so much. Now that they’ve pressed play, life is going way too fast for Gray Duffy and Jazz Edwards. A super hot video has boosted their band Oblivion’s popularity even higher, and suddenly Gray and Jazz are the reigning prince and princess of rock. But as their private wedding ceremony in their most special place approaches, they realize they can’t go forward without facing their roots. With new family members coming into the mix and old unresolved dramas coming to a head, one thing is for sure—the harder they rock, the bigger the drop.

Received a copy of this book for an honest review. Well written continuation of the Lost In Oblivion series 2.5 and it is Not a standalone book. This is the story of Gray and Jazz post: his rehab stint,a super racy HOT video that makes their band OBLIVION and them even more popular and the reunion with family members his parents and her sister=drama.Can the past and the present drama/issues =HEA? Their friendship to relationship happened so fast and then rehab the fight daily to stay clean and sober and the we not I reality and the pregnancy. He struggles to pay off debts he has from paying off his dealers,and cost of rehab, she is hormonal from the pregnancy and feeling alone and horny, now they need to learn to share those feelings and work to find a happy place for both. They love each other and would do anything to ensure the others happiness, hence offering bribes and requests/commands to friends and family. Can he pull off a surprise wedding for Jazz without an issues? Read this book to find out!!

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