REVIEW - Hellacious 3: Firstborn by J. Hali Steele

Book Title - Hellacious 3: Firstborn
Author - J. Hali Steele
Publisher - Changeling Press
Wicked Sathariel, the eldest son of Satan, has finally met his match, and at the oddest of times, she turns up in his head. Accustomed to having his father and siblings rummage through his mind, he can't handle his woman seeing his hellacious thoughts. And when it becomes clear she's heaven bound -- all hell breaks loose!
Lori Thornton's psychic ability is new, and never one to control her temper or her mouth, she often finds herself in bizarre predicaments. One such event is meeting Satan's firstborn and calling him a pretty boy. When his eyes fill with hellfire and he releases horns, talons, and the long, leathery, forked tail that swings treacherously toward her, Lori knows her life is about to spin deliciously out of control.

J. Hali Steele wishes she could grow fur, wings, or fangs, so she can stay warm, fly, or just plain bite the crap out of... Well, since she can't, she would much rather roam where her fictional big cats live -- in the high desert of California. She enjoys spending time with her sisters and friends who willingly listen to her ramblings about the paranormal world and anything else that goes bump in the night. They're a captive audience, but she promises to untie them soon!
A multi-published author, and a member of RWA (PAN), when J. Hali's not writing, she can be found snuggled in front of the TV with a good book, a cat in her lap, and a cup of coffee.

I have never read a book like this one. The Story was fascinating. The Devils oldest son falling in love with a girl that is meant for heaven and his job is to kill her. Even the devils son can't fight love.
Lori is a gal who does not hold her tongue for anyone. The night she met Wicked Sathariel, the Devils Oldest Son, he was in her mind but she was also in his. Wicked acted liked a hardass, cold, and very deadly, I mean he is Satans son after all! Lori called Wicked a "Pretty Boy" the first night she met him but she never opened her mouth, she was thinking it in her mind and he could hear it! She could hear his nasty thoughts also. I love how these two interact. The Devils son falling in love and falling hard for someone like Lori. Wicked wants to make her dreams come true and wants to take care of her no matter what has to be done.Their relationship is funny at times and also sweet. The sex is so hot. You don't have to be in hell to feel the heat coming from these two. Two people coming from totally different worlds but yet they work better together than apart.
I want to read more from this author. Can't wait to see what else is in store for me in her stories. I think everyone has some wicked in them, I know I do! I am so glad I read this book because I had one hellacious time reading this book! My question for you is can you handle the heat?

Barb gives Hellacious 3: Firstborn

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