REVIEW - Wake Up! We’re No Longer Dead by Mindy Larson


Book Title - Wake Up! We're no Longer Dead
Author - Mindy Larson
Publisher - Lavish Publishing, LLC

Hadley and Dominic seem to have it all. Each other. A beautiful little girl named Piper. Endless amounts of time. Fulfilling assignments as spirit guides.

But Piper is not like the rest of them.

What would you risk? What would you give up to secure your loved ones safety?

Fear drives Dom and Hadley to give up everything when they leave Piper behind on the only place the Masters can't go. The Purple Planet.

Piper may look the part, gifted with the soothing tones of lavender, her eyes, hair, even her skin is kissed with a purpled glow, but she's different. She is special. She's alive. Fitting in, in the afterlife, proves to be more than difficult, even after she finds her soul mate, Aiden Hall. He is not only a resident but he runs the bar next door. Just when they reconnect and despite everything Hadley and Dominic gave up, Piper doesn't stay hidden long.

The Masters are back and Piper is taken where she belongs to Pre-Earth.

Attempting and failing at making contact with Piper from the other side, Aiden feels as if there's no other choice but to follow his heart. All the while knowing the risks are great.

Struggling with their reality neither Piper or Aiden remember a thing past waking up. Both feel as if they should remember something. Someone. But what? And who?

Will they end up together once more? Or will they choose to follow an easier path?



Mindy Larson has always had a vivid imagination that has only improved with her love of reading and writing. She spent much of her childhood entertaining her three younger brothers with her stories and today she is bringing her imagination to life in books.

When not writing, Mindy enjoys spending time with the love of her life and four children while playing disc golf, cooking, baking, traveling and exploring.



Wake Up, We're No Longer Dead, is the follow up to This Morning I Woke Up Dead. I liked this one a little more than the others. I found the main characters very interesting, and the story made more sense to me. These books do have a slow build up, but as you read it, that makes more sense.

Hadley and Dominic are spirit guides in the afterlife. They should not have been able to have a child, but they did. They love Piper more than anything, so they leave their place and decide to hide Piper on the Purple planet. They believe that the Masters cannot find them there. They believe Piper is safe.

For as long as Piper can remember, she has always known her soul mate, Aiden. She used to go to him for a little bit, and then she stopped. She has a bakery, and that's how she runs into him again. They did not know they were so close to one another. But Piper is different. She isn't dead, so she doesn't fit in. Aiden helps her learn how to do some of the things that all the dead can do. That brought the Masters. They had been looking for her, and by learning, they found her. She was sent back to pre-earth.

Waking up with amnesia,she remembers nothing. She is found by Oliver. He thinks she is his long lost wife, but that's only on the outside. Their daughter shows up with the same amnesia, and the surprise with that is worth reading. Aiden wants to be with her, so he goes back as well, along with no memory, and crosses paths with her at her work. But will they figure out what has happened? Or will they be so close yet so far from each other? Will Piper develop feelings for Oliver? And who is her daughter?

The fantasy really takes off in this heart wrenching story. It will leave you ticked off, curious, sad, and about every emotion in between. Looks like this journey is just getting interesting.


Heidi Ryan gives Wake Up! We're no Longer Dead

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