Review – The Bigger They Are by Kim Alan

Book Title - The Bigger They Are
Author - Kim Alan
Publisher -

This story contains sexually explicit content in the form of really, really hot man-sex and is intended for adult readers. It may contain content that is disagreeable or distressing to some readers. It was originally published as a free read as part of the M/M Romance Group’s “Love's Landscapes” event on

We met them in Mission: X— the adorable, bouncing bottom-boy and his big, bad Daddy. A romance that produces such a delicious couple is bound to be a scorcher. This is their story.

For years, Charlie kept a protective, but professional, watch over Wren. The sweet, surprisingly unspoiled, rich-kid just seemed to stumble unwittingly into trouble. But one day, called to retrieve a very drunk Wren from a college party, Charlie got far more than he bargained for when Wren— a suddenly very grown up Wren— revealed his surprising crush and his far too tempting body.

Wren lost his best friend, the only person he truly trusted, in one stupid, drunken moment of weakness. He was determined, though. He knew he hadn't imagined Charlie's physical response when he'd been pressed against him. It was just a matter of figuring out how to convince the older, bigger, stronger man— who tripped every single one of Wren's triggers— that he could be everything Charlie needed.

But a year later, Wren is losing faith, and he's beginning to spin out of control. Charlie is rapidly losing sight of the logical list of reasons he should stay away. Wren is exhibiting the needy kind of behavior that demands consequences. The Dominant in Charlie is becoming louder and more demanding by the day. A collision is inevitable. A hot, fiery explosion that will shatter everything on impact. But with a little help and a lot of luck, maybe— just maybe— they'll walk away more whole than they've ever been.

Note: This is a stand-alone prequel to Mission: X and, as such, Mission: X does not need to be read first.



I might be the least romantic person I know, but when I'm writing, I’m all about the happy endings and the love conquering all business. I’ll leave it to the higher talents to shock and amaze and terrorize you … or rip your heart out, if you like that sort of thing. From me, you’ll just find some good hot man lovin’ and a story that (hopefully) leaves you with a smile on your face.



This is one sexy hot read. I have not read Mission X, but now I want to. I was fascinated by the dynamics in this book. If you love a good BDSM tale, then grab this book. It is smoking hot.

Wren is a spoiled rich kid. His older brother runs the business while wren just gets in trouble. Charlie has always watched out for Wren. As his driver, Charlie is called again and again to come get a drunken Wren. He wants to be more to Wren, but he has wasted the better part of a year not being the man Wren needs. When he can't take it any more, Charlie makes his move. Wren is his boy and it is about time Wren gets with the program. With the aid of another Dom and a submissive, Both Charlie and Wren need to face the truth and own their parts. They need to forgive each other to move forward. They both learn so much about each other, things neither one knew. Can they find their way back to each other? Or has the moment past? This book has some intense BDSM scenes and is not for everyone. Make sure you can handle this kind of intensity before you grab it. It is a beautiful read.



Heidi gives The Bigger They Are

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