REVIEW – Peppermint Twist: Puppy Love by Anne Kane

Book Title - Peppermint Twist: Puppy Love

Author - Anne Kane

Stars - 4

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Sarah wants a normal life, without all the fur, fangs and drama that comes with her werewolf heritage. She left her home pack and moved to a small town in the Northern Rockies hoping to leave the past behind.

The first time Drake crossed her scent, he knew he wanted Sarah for his mate. Now he just has to convince her that she wants that too. With a wicked sense of humor and a little bit of Christmas magic he hopes to bring her over to his side -- permanently.














Sarah wants a normal life which in her mind means ignoring the part of her that turns all fury. She wants nothing to do with her werewolf heritage but fate sometimes has other plans for us. Sarah is a strong willed girl who knows what she wants and knows how to take care of her self. The last thing she needs is a male around to complicate her life.  She moved away from her home pack so she could leave her past behind her and try to start over. I really would have liked a little more of Sarah's background. I would've liked to know exactly what happened back in her old town of Grace Harbor. The author hints about something happening with the Alpha in that town and Sarah may or may have not been a part of the whole ordeal in some way.  I know it's a short read and you don't always get the back story but I do like more of the back story than I got in this story. I could relate to Sarah and her not trusting men( human nor wolf form). Once someone betrays your trust, it's hard to let yourself trust again. 

The first time Drake came across her smell he knew he wanted her for his mate. But what he wants and what she wants is two totally different things. Sarah is stubborn but Drake is determined to change her mind and make her realize she needs him just as much as he needs her. I fell in love with Drake immediately.  He was charming but had a wicked sense of humor and a carefree attitude. He knew what he wanted and was not about to let anything stop him from getting what he wanted, and this just happened to be was Sarah. I love how he wouldn't give up and my favorite part was when he turned into a dog and let animal control catch him and his tags had her as his owner. I was laughing so hard because the way he was getting under her skin, you couldn't help but love him and Sarah tried with all her might not to let herself have feelings for him. You just can't argue with fate.

I will definitely read more from this author. I like her story line and the characters. Having Drake use his animal side to break down Sarah's walls was so sweet. He made her open her heart that had been closed for so long by just being his lovable self except with fur. I laughed and snickered and went aw how sweet all through this entire story . I really like books that make me do all that and even more before I am finished. Thank you for making me smile Anne Kane. I am a fan from now on.


Barb gives Peppermint Twist: Puppy Love


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