REVIEW- Texas Heat by Denyse M Bridger

Book Title - Texas Heat

Author - Denyse M Bridger

Stars - 4

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Chase Jordan is a man with half his life missing since his return from the war in Iraq. He arrives back in Texas, a drifter looking for home. When he arrives at the Double D ranch, the owners know him, even if he can’t remember them. Cheyenne’s been infatuated with Chase since her high school days, but Deke MacKenzie’s already made it clear to Chase that his kid sister is off limits


















This was a short read and I think it could have been a little bit longer. The characters both were easy to like but for completely different reasons. Good read but some areas I feel were rushed and other areas didn't have enough information for me.

Cheyenne MacKenzie is a woman who doesn't take shit off anyone. Can't blame her after she lost her brother Calen. She plays a hard ass but deep down she is just a normal girl who is trying to survive without her big brother. Being a girl on a ranch with nothing but guys, you have to prove you can do what they can do. When Chase Jordan showed up and got hired, that threw Cheyenne into a craze. She started drinking to much and just couldn't stop trying to get Chase's attention. He hadn't recognized her, they knew each other and Cheyenne always had a big crush on him. Maybe, just maybe she could get Chase to remember her.

Chase Jordan suffers from PTSD thanks to the war in Iraq. He doesn't remember much about his war days but when he ended up on this particular ranch he felt like he was home. Chase is a loner and likes it that way. He does his work and then he goes about his business by himself. Now only if Cheyenne would leave him alone and quit trying to get him to screw her. You don't mess with her, his boss made that perfectly clear.

I felt sorry for Chase because of his memory not be all that great. Really felt bad for Cheyenne also because she still had a crush on Chase but he didn't recognize her. I would have liked to have their relationship take a little more time. But over all it was a quick read and kept me turning the pages. Give it a shot and read this. This author does have talent as a writer.


Barb gives Texas Heat

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