REVIEW – Into His Dark by Angel Payne

Book Title - Into His Dark

Author - Angel Payne

Stars - 5

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USA Today Bestseller Angel Payne unveils the first full-length novel of a sensuous new series, set in a land of breathtaking beauty...hiding a world of dark and illicit desires.

The Cimarrons...

They're the mysterious, magnetic ruling family of the most secretive kingdom on earth: the Island of Arcadia.

No Westerners have ever been allowed inside Arcadia's borders...until now.

Book 1 is INTO HIS DARK...

A new adventure...

Camellia "Cam" Saxon struggles not to pinch herself. Is she really here, as a guest in the castle of the world's most mysterious royal family, working on the only western

film crew allowed on the island of Arcadia? A year ago, she was the girl who finished college with a sigh instead of a bang, moving on to a safe job and a steady suburban routine without a blink.

Until she receives a call from a film graduate buddy that will change everything.

A dangerous desire...

Cam's excitement turns to dread inside one instant--as soon as she lays eyes on Evrest Cimarron. Beautiful, chiseled, commanding, and regal, he turns her logic into ash and her blood into fire--making it damn near impossible to remember the crown on his head.

As an Arcadian alone, Evrest must be thrust onto Cam's don't-even-go-there column. As the leader of the kingdom, he must also be the face on her delete key--a fantasy never to be fed...ever.

A journey to the forbidden...

A mishap lands Cam in Evrest's most secret chambers, surrounded by luxury beyond imagination--and seduced by a creature who is no longer charming host and alluring king but powerful, passionate man--who craves nothing but her in his arms. Beneath Evrest's touch, Cam learns she has new identities, too, The sensible girl is abandoned for a woman of dark and sinful desires

It's the most incredible night of her life. The most perfect man she's known. The most flawless fit for her soul.

A mistake she can never make again.

This is the 1st book in this series and WOW, OMG please write faster!!!
The story is about Camellia, a college graduate with a safe job, good income, outside of the degree she received from college(film making). Then she gets a call from her ex-boyfriend from college offering her the chances of a lifetime, assisting in making a film where westerners have never been before, invited guests to film the ways of the people and the royal family on the island of Arcadia. Her life is routine and uneventful, so she is excited to use her film making degree and have an adventure at the same time. There is not much known about this island or it's people, except for the king who has been in the tabloids in the past, tall, dark and extremely hot with pics of him and beautiful women.
Once on the island, her 1st encounter with King Evrest Cimarron, has her tongue-tied and dizzy from the instant attraction, sparks and chemistry they share, but he is off-limits!! All thoughts while awake or asleep are of what it would be like to be with him... his kiss, his touch to be in his arms and in his bed. He secretly planned for her to be here with the filming crew after seeing her years earlier while visiting the college she went to. He to has the same thoughts about her. By accident they are alone and act on their darkest desires, one magical night and they realize they can't get enough of each other.She knows he must marry from the chosen group of women that have been hand picked and groomed to marry a king from within the Arcadia people. She is an outsider so they have no future, just special stolen moments together.The journey of Cam and Evrest is an adventure into their deepest, darkest desires, forbidden and secretive and even dangerous at times. Can love and chemistry win over the laws of the land? Can he be king and still have the woman he loves? Can an outsider become queen? Will he give up the crown for the woman he loves? Read the book for the rest of the hot steamy SEX and story and there is lots more story!!! This book is well written and keeps you on the edge of your seat, you won't want to put it down!! I beta read this book and thank Angel for allowing my the honor to do so!!!! This is my honest review, this book needs more than 5 stars for story, romance and sex!!! For mature readers only due to content. Angel I bow to you for another great book ,now deflate head and back to cave for book #2 please, need more Evrest and I guess Cam too!!! LOL
HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy  gives Into His Dark

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