REVIEW – A Vampire’s Thirst by J. Hali Steele

Book Title - A Vampire's Thirst

Author - J. Hali Steele

Stars - 4

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Once, Nolan was known as Temperance. He gave all souls moderation in everything. He was good at his job, and he called heaven home -- until he fucked the wrong seraphim!

Now Nolan whiles away time as a vampire slayer serving the devil, keeping an eye on Omen's, a club for otherworldly creatures, and babysitting Lucifer's son. Not a job he expected to hold for damn near eight hundred years. Nolan yearns to return home.

All Nolan has to do is utter three words and he can walk back into the arms of his archangel.

Everyone makes mistakes and once we learn from the mistakes, we move on but Nolan made a big mistake and his life changed right away.

Nolan lived in the best place ever.....Heaven! He loved his home and he loved his job in Heaven which was controlling the universe. He lost that when he let his hormones get the best of him. You need to be careful who you climb into bed with because if it's the wrong one, then you will be paying for your mistake for a very long time.

Very entertaining and kept me interested while I turned each page. Nolan now that he lives in Hell, he has to watch the Devil's son and quite a few other chores.

Lesson? You need to read the book and find out. I laughed and giggled at some of the book. Give it a chance, it is a quick read and go ahead and enjoy yourself.!

Barb gives A Vampire's Thirst

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