REVIEW–His Absolute Proposal: An Illicit Billionaire Love Story by Cerys du Lys

Book Title - His Absolute Proposal: An Illicit Billionaire Love Story (Elise, #3)

Author - Cerys du Lys

Stars - 5

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I hope I made the right choice...

I love Lucent so much. I don't care that he's bad. I don't care that we're on the run from the police because of his dark, sordid and secretive past. I know that it's wrong, but I can't stop. You might think he's a monster for what he's done, but to me, he's simply... mine...

From USA Today Bestselling Author Cerys du Lys ~

If Lucent is a monster, what does that make me? His pawn? His prey? A victim in his games, a gambit meant to maintain his hidden life, to create some semblance of regularity that he can hide behind?


You're wrong.

I'll become a monster, too. I may already be one.

I'll become his. I already am.

If you think Lucent is bad, I can be worse. Yes, I submit to him, I let him claim me, I allow him to control my body, and I absolutely love it, but...

We each control each other's hearts. Our love and lust, our longing and sweet flirtations; all of it, together, shared between us. Do you know what that means? I would do anything for him, and he would do anything for me.

I love Lucent so much. I never want to stop. I can't. Loving someone should be enough, right? That's how life is. You fall in love with someone and you love them.

I don't want that. I want more. I crave everything.

I need to be his one and only absolute compulsion...

This is the continuation of Lucent and Elise's journey, her POV. They're on the run from the police, due to his secretive past, he's done things he's not proud of that weren't quite legal. They are so in love they complete each other and would do anything for the other!! He needs to dominate and control and she she willingly submits and allows him to dominate her, by controlling and claiming her body. She craves and loves his control!! This well written story has adventure, suspense and hot kinky BDSM sex scenes (romance). This book is for mature readers due to content. I Beta read this book (ARC) for an honest review. I've loved these characters since they were trapped in the library during a blizzard!! I Recommend this book!!

Amy  gives His Absolute Proposal: An Illicit Billionaire Love Story (Elise, #3)

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